PONM Hoarders

In December 2011,
we volunteered to help Dee
on episode #64 of A&E Hoarders


L-R: Miriam, Kit, A&E Expert Organizer Geralin Thomas, Elizabeth,
Leigh Ann, Brenda, Carolyn, Hazel

Kit (upper left) is the first one in. There were no pathways, only piles.   Hazel’s turn. This is as far as the front door would open.
The piles in the living room were as tall as Leigh Ann,
who was standing on a pile.
  Brenda & Carolyn making boxes.
Leigh Ann & Carolyn sorting.   Miriam surveys the sorting tent.
Entry DAY 1   Entry DAY 2
Living Room DAY 1   Living Room DAY 2
Bathroom DAY 1   Bathroom DAY 2
Leigh Ann cleaning out the fridge.   Elizabeth & Carolyn. It was cold inside too!
Kitchen BEFORE   Kitchen AFTER
Breakfast Nook BEFORE   Breakfast Nook AFTER
Miriam & Hazel making more boxes.   Teamwork
Kitchen DAY 1   Kitchen DAY 2
Kitchen DAY 3   Kitchen stagers Carolyn, Elizabeth & Hazel
Courtyard BEFORE   Courtyard in the Rain
Courtyard AFTER   The awesome 1-800-GOT-JUNK team who helped us.


Before and After Photos

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